Noddy Goes to Toyland

I am going to tell about the first noddy.
It's name is "Noddy goes to toyland".

In this noddy, bigears is meeting noddy for the first time.
He is taking him to toyland.
Noddy had no dress.
Because the one who made him didn't give him a dress when he finished making noddy.
Noddy ran away from him, because he was bored.
Bigears bought him a few dresses and a hat and a pair of shoes.

When he got out of the market he saw Mr.Plod the Policeman.
He asked Noddy ,"Are you a toy?Only toys are allowed to stay in Toyland!"
in a scary voice.
Noddy was afraid of both Mr.Plod and of leaving toyland. He did not want to go and
be very bored with the toymaker who made him.
Bigears consoled him and said,"You wouldn't have to leave toyland because the court
will allow you to stay here."

And they bought some bricks to build a house for noddy. The house was only for one person
to live and it was called house-for-one.
Mr.Tubby bear and Mrs.Tubby bear was living next door to the place where Noddy wanted to build his

They lent him a ladder, and Mr.Tubby bear fitted the chimney.
Noddy and bigears had tea that afternoon with the Tubby bears as Noddy did not have any furniture

or cooking things in his new house.
After having tea with the Tubbybears bigears took Noddy to all the places in toyland town,
and showed him everything.
The main thing they wanted to see was the court.
There was an assembly of wooden soldiers. Bigears liked that and was standing there for sometime
and Noddy found that he was not coming. And noddy was very bored seeing the assembly.
He asked Bigears "WHat is that boat-shaped house there?"
Bigears said it was only then Noah's ark.
You can see it and come back here and we can return home.
Noddy ran to the boat-shaped house. Then,he peeped in through the windows but he was not able to see

anything. SO he slowly pushed the door open. Then so many pairs of animals came out from inside,
to Noddy's surprise.
He asked the animals to go inside but they took no notice of him.
He was very afraid, and kept thinking he would have to leave toyland for this.
Suddenly he saw a lion going toward a little wooden girl.
Noddy was very afraid of lions. But he was brave at that moment.
He went to the lion and took off his shoes and hat and threw them at the lion.
The lion was scared. He went back. The little girl was saved. Her mother came running.
But the lion didnt go inside. Then Mr.Noah and Mrs.Noah came rushing seeing all the animals
running around the ark.
They clapped their hands and all the animals went inside.

Bigears was staying with Noddy that night.Next day Noddy got a surprise.
Two policemen were standing in front of Noddy's front door.
Bigears came running hearing all the noise, and the two policemen said,
Noddy has to come to the court this afternoon,becaue the court has to decide if he is a toy.
And only if he is a toy, he is allowed to stay in Toyland.
Noddy was Very Scared and that afternoon he went to the court.
"What do you think you are?" asked the Judge.
Noddy replied ," I Feel like a toy"
Suddenly bigears stood up and said,"Hey look at his head nodding.Only toys can do something special

like that."
Everyone agreed.
The judge said , "We only want good toys".
"have you done anything wrong after coming to toyland?" asked the judge.
The judge thought that noddy had done wrong by seeing his head nodding.
but the reason was that he was very frightened, and so his head was nodding.
Then Noddy remembered that he had let Noah's ark's animals loose.
The judge thought that, it was very wrong.
But the mother of the little girl whom Noddy had rescued from the Noah's ark lion,
shouted that Noddy had saved her daughter.
Everyone cheered.
The judge allowed Noddy to stay in Toyland.

Noddy and Bigears were very happy!


  1. nice good job thanks for this summary

  2. Can you please give me an outline of this episode in single sentence